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Bitcoin Rocket 4.o | Trading Definitions | Peloton - A Closer Look

Not Financial Advice.



Your tasks today:

What is the Definition of...


What does ___ tell me?


Bull Market


Bear Market

Price Range


Williams Alligator Indicator

Average Down?


Market Open


Market Close



What to spend some time researching today:

  • Fibonacci Indicator

  • Alligator / Williams Indicator

  • RSI

  • Stoch

  • MACD

Today's Opinions

Bearish on Peloton Short Term | WHY?

  1. Will there be more Gyms opening in the next 6 months to 2 years?

  2. How is Peloton doing compared to similar 'at-home' fitness companies?

  3. Am I willing to buy in around $40 and have it drop to possibly $17?

  4. Am I willing to wait for a better price long-term and comfortably loose capital short -term with a potential upside of returning to ~$70+

Bullish Long Term | WHY?

  1. Will the public change their habits to more home-centric fitness routines?

  2. Are fitness equipment sales trending upward overall?

  3. Can I comfortably buy and hold PTLN now and then 'average down' my purchase cost over time?

  4. Do I want to hold PTON for the next 2-10 years?

  5. Do I support personal fitness initiatives and online community building and competition vs. establishing physical relationships with members of the public and use public spaces and use those facilities during THEIR Business Hours.

Some questions to ask yourself...

  1. Do you value services you can use at your convenience?

  2. Or do you support facilities that build real life connections and have (possibly) fixed hours of service or operation?

  3. Do you have existing or developing interests in the fitness industry and would be excited learning about what Peloton and other fitness Initiatives exist or are coming to market?


Bearish Article Written by Melissa Repko@MELISSA_REPKO


Webull Analysis Prediction

Analysis Aggregate Data Courtesy of Webull. No financial Affiliation with Peloton or Webull.

[Disclosure: I do not own Peloton.]


Portfolio of the day Visual Update.//

What to look for? Patterns Patterns Patterns

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