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The month of June symbolizes equality and with everything going on, I would love to share my creative process of late. Have you heard of the AMC and Gamestop short squeeze? Or have you heard the term "naked shorts" circulating in overheard conversations? Well, I am a part of the ape army. I am a part of the community focused on taking down Citadel (Or Shitadel if you ask me). I have been following the action closely, doing my due diligence and searching for the facts. A lot of FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT (FUD) is being spread by market makers, investment analysts, journalists, and it seems that everywhere you look, FUD is being spread, despite rule changes occurring on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission. I will attach the document containing the quote I am pulling from pages 4-11. I want to point out that this was proposed back in September of 2020. Misinformation dominates journalist outlets like Motley Fool, a "news" outlet that could be reasonably perceived as an attempt to spread FUD. Retail Investors (aka us, the people). Motley Fool is partially owned by Citadel; surprising?

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Here we go, let's dive right in.

SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION 17 CFR Parts 230 and 240 [Release Nos. 33-10842; 34-89891; File No. S7-14-19] RIN 3235–AM54 Publication or Submission of Quotations Without Specified Information AGENCY: Securities and Exchange Commission. ACTION: Final rule

"The amendments are designed to modernize the Rule, promote investor protection, and curb incidents of fraud and manipulation by, among other things: requiring information about issuers to be current and publicly available for broker-dealers to quote their securities in the OTC market". (pp.1)

"The Commission is adopting amendments to Rule 15c2-11, which sets out certain requirements for a broker-dealer seeking to initiate (or resume) quotations for securities in the OTC market. 1 The amendments are designed to modernize the Rule and to enhance investor protection by requiring that current and publicly available issuer information be accessible to investors. Specifically, the amendments provide greater transparency to the investing public by requiring information about the issuer and its se