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Check out the New Website Design + AMC nEwS and Updates

Hopefully you find it easier to navigate the site after the end of the day today. I am focusing more on showing my creative process- taking progress pictures; the sequence of images tells a story like chapters in a book, effectively dividing and shifting focus throughout the process.

[If anyone has any pointers, in terms of accessibility, please let me know!]

The month of June symbolizes equality and with everything going on, I would love to share my creative process of late. Have you heard of the AMC and Gamestop short squeeze? Or have you heard the term "naked shorts" circulating in overheard conversations? Well, I am a part of the ape army. I am a part of the community focused on taking down Citadel (Or Shitadel if you ask me). I have been following the action closely, doing my due diligence and searching for the facts. A lot of FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT (FUD) is being spread by market makers, investment analysts, journalists, and it seems that everywhere you look, FUD is being spread, despite rule changes occurring on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission. I will attach the document containing the quote I am pulling from pages 4-11. I want to point out that this was proposed back in September of 2020. Misinformation dominates journalist outlets like Motley Fool, a "news" outlet that could be reasonably perceived as an attempt to spread FUD. Retail Investors (aka us, the people). Motley Fool is partially owned by Citadel; surprising?

[This is not all-encompassing]

Here we go, let's dive right in.

"The amendments are designed to modernize the Rule, promote investor protection, and curb incidents of fraud and manipulation by, among other things: requiring information about issuers to be current and publicly available for broker-dealers to quote their securities in the OTC market". (pp.1)

"The Commission is adopting amendments to Rule 15c2-11, which sets out certain requirements for a broker-dealer seeking to initiate (or resume) quotations for securities in the OTC market. 1 The amendments are designed to modernize the Rule and to enhance investor protection by requiring that current and publicly available issuer information be accessible to investors. Specifically, the amendments provide greater transparency to the investing public by requiring information about the issuer and its security2 to be current and publicly available before a broker-dealer can begin quoting that security."(pp.4-5)


"Securities that trade in the OTC market are primarily owned by retail investors.3 Many issuers of quoted OTC securities publicly disclose current information about themselves.4 However, in other cases, there is no or limited current public information available about certain issuers of quoted OTC securities to allow investors or other market participants to make informed investment decisions. A lack of current and public information about these companies disadvantages retail investors because it may prevent them from estimating return probabilities and generating positive returns in OTC stocks. 5 It can contribute to incidents of fraud and manipulation by preventing retail investors from being able to counteract misinformation." (pp.5)

Here is a link to their source for this statement:

Their list of references is extensive and well cited. A lot to look in to but may be worth reading some of these journal articles---the FACTS. PLEASE NOTE THE WORD 'JOURNAL' here refers specifically to peer-researched journals. Not journals as in opinion pieces. No- a clear abstract, methods, conclusion, discussion, citing funders, and disclosing conflicts of interest. (Yes, one could argue that the SEC is not a reliable source because the government omits information too- which is already an invalid argument because we KNOW information is redacted).

What I am trying to point out is that the Market Makers, Large Corporations, The Filthy Rich, The Parasites, and the Hedge Funds (which is basically an umbrella term for all the above). They operate in DARK POOLS. They operate behind the shutters. What is a dark pool? The dark pool is a trading pool where these Hedge Funds buy and sell assets. They are able to execute plays without exposing the position. Those in the dark pools can only see what the final transaction is made for a particular order; orders could be drawn out tactically. They can anonymously trade their assets without the eyes of the public peering through the veil. THIS IS WHY WE DONT KNOW UNTIL MUCH LATER WHEN AN PROMINENT FIGURE SOLD ASSETS AHEAD OF A CRASH. (Coincidence you say?) The trades are hidden in the dark pools. True, Market Makers adjust the OTC market to reflect these large trades.

So...the retail investor must first see through a veil of FUD spread by Hedge Funds and Big Corporations. Then also search the abyss for updated information on Short Interest Rates (mind you, the public only gets the Failure to Deliver information from over two weeks ago). There is a time delay of 2 weeks for information to be available to the retail investor. And...excuse me...failure to deliver (FTD) information is released as follows:

Fails Data Availability:

  • The first half of a given month is available at the end of the month.

  • The second half of a given month is available at about the 15th of the next month

What does this all mean? This means that retail investors are at an unfair advantage in terms of access to information. I want to bring awareness to these injustices. You, yes YOU, can make money. You CAN be wealthy. We just have to play the corrupt system. Patience is key. Research shows buy-and-hold results in the largest returns (when compared to other trading strategies --as a whole --not AMC itself).

PLEASE DO YOUR REASEARCH. Do not follow the herd (My definition of 'The Herd' is that person who works a 9-5 job, stays comfortable in their little insurance, stable income, non-adventurous, non-risk taking, bubble).

Earl Nightingale once said:

"The opposite of success is conformity."

Explained briefly, he also says "A man is what he thinks about all day long...If you think in negative terms, you will get negative results; If you believe in positive things, you will get positive results."

The human mind is like a field, you can plant corn in this field, or you can plant nightshade. The field does not care what you plant. It will return to you in as wonderful as abundance corn as it will nightshade. Say you planted one seedling of nightshade, and one seedling of corn. You water these plants, you nurture them, and you watch them grow. Now the field cannot distinguish between what is a good plant, healthy for human consumption, and what is a bad plant, a lethal poison. The field reaps what you sow. Now are you going to plant corn, or are you going to plant nightshade? Remember, the field does not care what you plant. It will return to you what you plant.

Now, I have listened to this particular lecture of Earl Nightingale more times than I care to admit. But the first quote sticks with me, day in, and day out. I think about my future. I manifest assets. I can tell you right now I have less that $100 to my name in the bank but in my calculations this morning, I hold $48,911.00 in liquidity, as of TODAY. This is between my 401K, my retail trading accounts, and my crypto assets. When did I start investing? I started my portfolio, valued at $21,097 March 23rd of 2020. I am up 464.61% all time--- and today is a dip! I was excitingly at $33k on June 2nd.

I started my 401k in 2016.

This is a psychological game between the Apes, and the Hedge Funds. This will be a redistribution of wealth like no other in history.

Also, not financial advice, but I believe in the AltCoin: AMP

Check it out--- it will be the future of retail with the ability to securely stake coins like BitCoin on the blockchain to purchase assets. I am also interested in Orchid, Loopriong, Polygon, Cardano, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

I am sure more artwork will emerge with these being a bit part of my "Input" in my creative process.


AMC Short Squeeze Excitement------> AMC painting with Hedge Funds, APES, Red, Green incorporated

Older painting of mine that was recently sold----> Served as color palette inspiration for this piece

Music Input:

Output = this painting

Not financial advice.

AMC presents a possible opportunity to become wealthy. I am staking my capital in the AMC short squeeze! Follow me.

Enjoy some paintings as a result. Please tell me how you feel when you look at them. Positive or negative feedback? BRING IT ON! APES TO THE MOON!

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