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If Its Historical Its Hysterical

Hey Friends,

Ever wonder why you have the same conversations with the same people----- and they always end in an inconsequential argument?

Ever sit in the destructional energy and think to yourself "I knew this would happen"?

Yeah I know...and if I know friend, then you damn sure know! The thing is history isn't always worth holding onto. The toxicity made you distance yourself, thinking that just maybe the space was enough, friend, I'm here to tell you what you've been thinking... ITS NOT ENOUGH & Eventually those boundaries are just as toxic---just so we're clear.

You think that you're the better person because you named it first. & The lie of the part time disassociation is a little more honest------- right? NOPE! At this point you're the issue sis/bro. LET IT GO!

You ask yourself every time "why do I always come around and I know I'm gonna end up leaving ruined" Toxic co dependensy is a nastty drug. You lose a little light when your around them even if it always starts off amazing----- that come down is WICKED!

If its historical then its hysterical, and if you're letting yourself get worked up every time that energy will knock you off your game and wipe the floor with you.

**M O R A L ------------>> Some people come into our lives with an expiration date. & thats okay, theres a lesson in everything... BUT FRIEND YOU WON'T LEARN IT IF YOU HAVENT MOVED ON... YOU'RE MISSING YOUR LESSON! okay, sorry for yelling at you but im trying to help you l

ahh well that's all I got for ya today,



Be Kind To Yourself

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I have recently had a revelation guys; I have been keeping a friend around whom I learn nothing from. And I always end up like why am i even still friends with you. and so, I'm not any longer. This is a common situation; we have to learn to protect our light.

Leif Arvidson
Leif Arvidson
Dec 08, 2021
Replying to

Extremely valuable insight. Sometimes we need to evaluate our friends like clothes; that sounds harsh.

Is this friend in season? Are they aiding me in my current pursuits/dreams/goals or are they holding me back with unconstructive criticism? //

I like to think of people as either seedlings or strawberries.

Seedling: Have something to teach me.

Strawberries: Support me in whatever endeavor I pursue.

Keep up the good work!

If we are left with more questions than answers, then the dialogue was successful.


Leif Arvidson
Leif Arvidson
Dec 08, 2021

Hello there lovely advocate (and boyfriend <3),

Where did you draw inspiration for this particular post? Please share; it may help others understand your message. Let's give some context and content to work with.

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