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Thank you to all my advocates

I really want to thank all of you. I have been working on a project "officially" one could say for 5 months?


I have been on a massive journey all of 2021. I refused to back down in the face of adversity.

October of 2020, I took a month off to recuperate my soul.

Working at Seattle Children's Hospital has spurred episodes of flashbacks-- images seared in my mind's eye.

This is the nature of healthcare that no one sees.

Nightmares, binge drinking, extreme episodes of unexplainable sadness.


Anger with a system fueled by the dollar;

Fear is a Mind Killer.





Psychology is fascinating; I wake up every day excited. I have seen through the veil. The veil of Black vs. White.

Does not matter where you assign it, but life is a spectrum.

There is the socially acceptable route of engagement, and then there are the rebels.

I have chosen to become a rebel.

Can I tell you a secret? Well...secret not so much. But POV 100%

I never wanted to work for someone else.

I never saw myself getting a conventional job.

I am a free spirit. Capitalist [and other] societies attempt to silence the minority.

I am an artist.

I am free.

I need not follow your preset ideals. I am free from expectation.

I am a creative.

I dictate my life.

Yes, you have been able to integrate me into the system from an early age, but I was fortunate.

I saw the OUTSIDE world before the age of 12. I travelled across our beautiful planet earth.

Big Brother is Watching.

And damn, life in Italy--- la dolce vita-- is on my horizon. Nothing will prevent me from being happy with my decisions in life. Prepare for a parabolic launch to space and self-actualization. I encourage you to join me.//

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