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We are doing GOOD | HODL | My Crypto Portfolio

Hello everyone.

Merry Christmas!

Good news is that if we HODL tight, Santa will deliver gifts (in my prediction) gifts in May or July. Here is what I have and some supporting information. Again, take what I say with a grain of salt.

Okay do we see what I am getting at? Supposedly there is a peak coming up and we have crossed some key indicators. I am not a professional but let's take a look at these sources or pictures.

I predict a good pull for BTC for profit is around $90,000.

Yes, I believe is true we can surpass this level but for me, and for profit, I am pulling BTC likely around $89,000. I want to put my money into stable coins like AMP and Gemini Dollar to earn interest on top of retention of value by placing assets in AMP.

I am bullish on the following:









My portfolio is currently

45.89% BTC

11.90% SHIB

11.88% IoTeX

10/46% AMP

Alt 19.87%

I sold my MATIC at a peak and bought more BTC at a dip. I believe BTC could dip again to $46,000 but I believe a hard, parabolic rebound would result.

Hold strong Ape family.

More supporting visuals:

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