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Work in Progress Sneak Peak

I have been working the last few weeks with a new palette. Inspiration to my piece lately has been the game Mecanicus on Nintendo Switch, Alien, and my beautiful 55 gallon fish tank overflowing with greenery. I’ll have to upload an image. this piece is also inspired by an amazing group I stumbled upon on the hot app Clubhouse. It’s called The Asttrusts Lounge. I have been so improved by the amazing speakers on the app brave about to step out digitally in front of a 24/7 often 75+ audience from all over the globe. It’s wonderful hearing all their stories, struggles, experiences, and tips. I encourage all seasoned and aspiring artists to check it out! (Contact me if you need some more direction on that.)

Talking palette insight aside, I have been working on creating a lighter series of paintings after dealing with the 10 week scourge of a painting during election season. I scaled down the size to a simpler 35” x 36” canvas, lovingly layered with gesso, unlike The Viewer. I spent a generous amount on paint for that project. No regrets obviously, as I am free with my use of paint. It really liberates me as it becomes more of a performance piece.

noting performance work, I have been pondering the idea of creating more live-stream experiences to really strengthen my artist, peer, and audience community. I would like to connect more on a global scale, inviting discussion about my process, whether materially or psychologically. I focus on my input of sources, limiting what topics and subjects I give my attention to. Limiting television, apart from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I prefer to keep my headphones on and the house quiet. Listening to music and speakers, I am inspired by only content I choose.

Some topics I have been exploring lately are Impossible Colors (, the wild stock market trends, investing opportunities (often getting up as the trading bell sings), training (More specifically Dorian Yates From The Shadow, and my intense focus on rehabbing my shoulder and visualizing my movements.

Speaking of books, I have been reading Be Water, My Friend by Shannon Lee, as well as the Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

Till next time,

Leif Atlas

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