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Erik Arvidson
Crypto Slooth
Crypto Slooth
Dec 13, 2021
In Poems & Odes
To the man upstairs, manipulating my stonks My hands are diamond, my balls are sharp Portfolio lowkey sad, but conviction is CHONK Little Mayo boy, you're as nerdy as a LARP I know its all fake, I know you're no good Stealing billions from millions, Karma's imbalanced An Ape world order, you wish you could We are here for real change, we are here to rebalance As the Universe proceeds, your actions speak loud nobody is selling, you only made a crowd Stealing from retail, does that make you proud? As Wallstreet Dinosaurs fall, how would that sound? It sounds pathetic, your naked short lie Overleveraged and broke, you might as well cry Evergrande defaulted, Shitadel should die Apes rise up, we see it with our own eyes.

Erik Arvidson

Crypto Slooth
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