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Portrait of Viserys | Work in Progress

Now looking a lot different but I would like to share some of the process! Thoughts? I have been studying Cezanne, Picasso, and Mondrian for the last eight weeks. I think I can say there was some influence? Thank you Professor Marek Wieczorek for another amazing quarter of Art History at the University of Washington. Next quarter I have the opportunity to explore the medium of oil paint with a studio course on campus; oh how nice it will be to be in the studio again!

I typically work with acrylic so it will be exciting and challenging transition for me. Keep tuned to my Instagram @ for more daily content, inspirational pieces, and memes!

I will be shooting out an email here in the next few weeks with some updates.

Hopefully I will soon have some capital to begin copying and creating posters and more sticker/magnets. Any ideas for what you would like as a print?

Wish you all the best and keep up the good work-- keep your head up.

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